Located on a one-acre lot. Rare vegetable garden, where children are introduced to growing vegetables.
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Day Care Service Offered By HIDE’ n’ SEEK DAYCARE

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Read about the Day Care Services offered by HIDE’ n’ SEEK DAYCARE

Skipping child care may seem like a great way to save money, but it is not always in the child’s best interest. At HIDE ‘n’ SEEK DAYCARE, we are a licensed daycare located in Brampton, ON, dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children. We know it is important to recognize and support every child in ways that respect their emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs.

Family bubbles have limitations for children, and a child will never have the chance to interact with other children from different backgrounds on a daily basis. In the end, our kids will have to attend school, whether we like it or not. So, the best way to prepare them for this transition is by sending them to a good-quality daycare.

Early childhood education is an excellent way to make the transition to kindergarten easier. As kids are sent to daycare, they develop social and emotional skills in a variety of ways, from teamwork to conflict resolution. They will not only understand the workings of the school but also thrive academically. This allows them to access higher-level tasks and comprehension.

Sending a child to daycare benefits them in more ways than one. It can help boost their cognitive, social, and emotional growth and development. It sets them on the path to future learning success. Parents too can benefit from it as it makes it easier for them to work. The key is choosing a high-quality daycare that can provide all these benefits to you and your little one!

If you are looking for a Licensed childcare/daycare in Brampton, ON, reach out to us at HIDE’ n’ SEEK DAYCARE. Our program offers a highly engaging and interactive play-based environment that values children’s learning. In our curriculum approach, we focus on creating and supporting caring relationships between children, adults, and families. We engage children in their learning through exploration, play, and inquiry. Communication and expression are honoured and celebrated to create a sense of inclusion and belonging. The fees charged will be different for different age groups. It can cost up to $70 per day. We offer Childcare Services to clients across Brampton, Georgetown, Mississauga, and the surrounding areas.

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