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How COVID-19 Changed How We Do Business

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Here's how Covid-19 changed the way we do business

Finding people who would bring their kids to daycare was quite challenging, especially during the pandemic. The lockdowns and curfews were making it difficult for most to leave their homes, and companies and businesses were getting their staff to work remotely. Additionally, people did not want to leave their homes because there was a chance that they would catch the virus, and they wanted to be as safe as possible. With children and the older population having the highest risk of getting infected by the COVID virus, everyone had to be careful when dealing with them and ensure that they were safe throughout the process.

Many businesses and companies moved some aspects of their work remotely, but we could not make those changes. For the most part, we tried to take the processes that we were handling online, but they would not work out as well. If we had to predict what was yet to come, we were unsure about the changes taking place over the next couple of months. Like every business, we suffered a lot too. In the next six months, we are still being careful in lifting all restrictions. We want to keep our children safe. However, we are also at the mercy of the rules and regulations put together by the authorities.

There were many changes we had to adapt to through the pandemic. While these changes might have been more manageable for adults, we thought they would be challenging for children to get through. Our children were not exposed to some activities. We saw some children come into our daycare and have socializing speech and development problems which made it very difficult for our teachers (RECE). We would not have thought that the pandemic would have been this detrimental, and we are working to now counter the effects it has on everyone.

There are many changes we had to adapt to, and for the safety of all, for the most part, parents are not allowed inside our facility. We are doing this as a precaution to keep children safe. Most communication is done via email or through a childcare app because we did not want people spreading the virus. Another challenge was getting everything done at the office because the changes and the restrictions kept getting in the way. 

Other than communicating virtually with most of our clients, we implemented some other changes that we were getting through. RECEs had to wear masks and face shields, which are challenging for them and also impact children. However, it was the only option we had to keep everyone safe. Additionally, parents are not allowed inside the daycare building. Any essential visitor has to go through proper screening. Most of the people allowed inside had to make sure that they had an appointment. We would not allow people without one to come in because it would lead to clutter, and we did not want too many people within the office.

We disinfect the place at least three times daily. It was an additional cost, but we had to get through with it if we wanted to allow students to come into the center. Many changes were taking place, and parents and their children found it challenging to adjust. So whenever possible, we made sure that we held on to as many aspects of our jobs that we were following pre-pandemic. The Management was following the same working hours, and in fact, we extended extensively as we have to make sure the facility is disinfected before opening. However, tours for new parents are done after hours when no children are in the building. We found that we were working a lot more now than pre-pandemic to make up for the days that we lost because of lockdowns and curfews.

We are using an app now so that most communication with parents is done virtually. We encourage everyone to connect with us remotely because it would be safer considering the times and changes taking place. The app that we use is called HiMama. It is easy to understand, and everyone who has been using it is finding it convenient to communicate. There are a few hiccups for the not-so-tech savvy, and we work with them and explain how they can handle those aspects of the app.

We aim for most of our meetings to be virtual because we know catching the virus would be a challenge for the parents and their children who we end up teaching and working with. However, for the few people coming in to meet us, we make sure they follow all the protocols put together. We also ask parents when they are booking an in-person appointment if they can handle it online so they would be able to save a trip, and we would be able to connect with them and handle the meeting virtually.

When it comes to communicating with parents or clients online, it was quite a challenge, and we handle most of the work-related requirements through the app. Additionally, we use a range of software that would allow them to get in touch with us. They can use Whatsapp or direct call, and we are never too far from our phone to be able to handle this. 

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