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Common Mistakes Parents Make When Selecting Child Care Services

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Read about the common mistakes parents make when selecting Child Care Services in Brampton

As trusted child care providers at HIDE ‘n’ SEEK DAYCARE, we have always been swamped with limitless questions from concerned parents. These parents frequently come to us, unsure which child care to enroll their children in. As a parent, you don’t have to second-guess yourself if you suspect something isn’t quite right; always trust your instincts.

For the rest, we’ve compiled a list of frequent mistakes parents make while choosing child care for their children. It’s OK to make mistakes as a parent, but learning from others’ mistakes is still better. So, take notes!

1. Trying to find the cheapest child care possible
While we understand that some parents are on a budget, selecting child care only based on price is not the best approach. You need to see this as an investment. You are bound to send your little one to child care so that you can focus on your work while your child learns and grows in a healthy environment. 

Think about it, being constantly worried about their whereabouts would never let you be at peace, and god forbid, what if the child care is not a good one? It can also prove to be the worst decision for your child.

2. Not checking out the child care company
Before making a final selection, you must visit the child care unit you have in mind. You should check out their hygiene and safety standards. It’s also a good idea to pay surprise visits (perhaps on a half-day) to see how well their facilities and initiatives are being implemented.

3. Insufficient communication
Do not undermine the importance of communication. To gauge your child’s progress, you need to be in touch with them constantly. You are not bothering them in any way. They, too, like it when parents show interest in the daily activities that the child is a part of. 

 Also, a little gratitude for their efforts won’t go unnoticed. They’ll never forget your kind gesture.

4. Being unaware of the scope of the child care
Parents are often unaware that there are two types of child care: Home Day Care and Licensed Commercial Day Care. 

Parents should always choose a Licensed Commercial Day Care, which, apart from fulfilling administrative legalities, has a lot of activities and programs for the children. 

Home Daycare is more like babysitting, which does not promise to engage children in physical activity or run childcare programs for them. Such activities contribute a great deal to their overall growth and holistic development.

5. Not knowing the staff enough
You’d like to know under whose care your child spends most of their day. Sometimes the child has unique requirements, and as a child care unit, we always welcome parents to discuss their child’s habits and preferences with us to make it a smooth process for both the child and our staff members.

Not to mention, you must always double-check that child care staff are registered ECE (Early Childhood Educator). They must possess a CPR certification and do an official background Police check.

Again, we are always here to help you, and for any questions, you may visit us at HIDE ‘n’ SEEK DAYCARE. We are a Day Care Center/ Preschool in Brampton, Ontario. We offer Childcare services to clients across Brampton, Georgetown, Mississauga, and the surrounding areas.

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